Dr. Annette van Es

Creative and empathic personality with a sustainable mindset.

Co-establishment of the wear2wear consortium, securing its sustainable values, supporting the technical development, creating design2recycle garments and facilitating brand awareness through networking and international lectures.

With over 15 years of international experience in various fields of the textile value chain and across several countries, from fashion design, over technical applications and scientific research programs to expertise in full vertical production of fabrics, fashion, sustainable fashion, commission garment production and workwear.

Lecturer at the Swiss Textile College STF in Z├╝rich in the field of Sustainability, Thermodynamics and -physiology.

Hendrikus "Rick" van Es

Sustainability is a mindset, not a product!

Creative and empathic leader with an entrepreneurial mindset.
Co-founder and brainchild of the wear2wear (closing the textile loop) cooperation. www.wear2wear.org
Over 25 years of experience in textile production, processing, sales and marketing in various end-user segments and across the globe.

Expertise in developing and implementing marketing strategies across regions.

Excellent technical and marketing knowledge in the field of automotive textiles, home textiles, protection textiles & clothing (PPE, workwear, police and military use), fashion and last but not least sustainable fashion.

Profound networking capabilities in connecting companies & people.