Cleaner. Healthier. Sustainable.

Together with our partner Decontex and their revolutionary patented cleaning technology, we offer a unique solution for any kind of equipment or protective gear that needs decontamination, this way it can be reused in a safe way protecting the user, prolonging the products life and cleaning without water and low energy consumption. Sustainable in every way!


Partner for Switzerland and Luxemburg.

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The Decontex Principle

The technology is based on a process that NASA used back in the 1970s. 
In close cooperation with fire brigades and in cooperation with various research institutions, DECONTEX has developed a process that for the first time enables a complete decontamination of clothing, equipment and PPE. The developed process is far more effective, more gentle and sustainable than all cleaning methods commonly used up to now. Contaminents settle particularly deep inside of equipment or protective clothing, making it impossible for processes using water and detergent to reach and remove these possible harmfull substances. 
DECONTEX removes chemical as well as biological and physical hazardous substances in a revolutionary way. The extremely gentle process contributes significantly to the durability and longevity of equipment or protective clothing. This hundred percent green technology is therefore an essential part of a sustainable circular economy.