Patented Camouflage. For Professionals. Developed in Germany.

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PHANTOMLEAF® designs and develops modular camouflage systems for professional applications.

Their patterns and products work intelligently because of their virtually auto-adaptive design and show a remarkably improved performance, especially for moving objects against a changing background. Additionally, they are optimally tailored to the shape of the object to be camouflaged.

In doing so, we trustingly work together with end-users and our industrial partners, to ensure the best possible solotion from the beginning of the product development on.

This enables us to map the entire production chain and facilitate a systemic approach. 

The users of PHANTOMLEAF® products – mainly military and police special forces – face extreme challenges. In order to effectively support them, tailor-made and thus classified (non-public) camouflage solutions are developed to meet their specific needs. 

Their performance & protection is our top priority. 

PHANTOMLEAF® strictly distinguishes between patterns for authorities, which are not disclosed at any time and patterns for civil use!

Please see examples of the CIV patterns and collection below.

WASP II Z4 Construction